A new perspective on defining your goals

Anything we achieve now was first aimed for.

We, human beings are simple creatures. Even though we have the ability to think objectively and rationally, we are easily swayed and influenced by images and by things we see or hear. Having a goal is the first step that everyone talks about and advises on. I am not going to repeat the same thing and I’m also sure most of you have already set a goal. We all have goals, but the problem is we define them too vaguely.

When you are extremely hungry you can’t think of anything else other than food. You visualize food, you imagine biting into it and getting the sensation of its taste. This visualization increases our motivation to eat and to put more effort into getting the food. When we see someone else eating, we become hungrier. That is because it becomes easy for the mind to reach a higher and more defined level of visualization.

Your goal is like food. Those who have defined its smell, its taste, its appearance and every aspect associated with achieving it, work more towards it. I think this can also explain why kids choose their parent’s career when the parents are in a highly glamorous career. It could be because the kids have experienced the emotion and lived through the experience of achieving the goal vicariously through the parent. For a simpler example, sometimes kids wear their parent’s clothes and footwear. Because they’ve seen their parents wear it and they have a clearly defined image of themselves wearing it. In this case, they can’t help but make the goals come true.

Don’t just tell yourself I am going to do x, or I am going to get y. Think about how you would feel after you do x or get y. Think about every little minute yet important detail associated with achieving your goal. So my point is, go and explore the other side of your goal, which is- your life after achieving those goals. There are many ways to do it, such as, visualizing how it would be after achieving those goals, talking to people who have achieved their goals, and writing about why you want to achieve those goals.

Don’t start from where you are, visualize where you want to go first. Imagine the destination first and you’ll realize how much you want it. On the other hand, you might realize that there are things about the goals which you don’t like.

This process will help you move forward and you’ll find the hard work become easier as your mind wants to make the visualization a reality now more than ever. This process can be applied to short-term goals or even everyday tasks.


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