How to achieve your desired goals?

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With the new year, lots of resolutions and promises to oneself must have come up. The reality is that setting these goals is just one step, the question of how to achieve these desired goals is often confusing, but if we break it down and simplify it then we can see how these goals are achievable and even begin to enjoy the process.

The first and foremost step is to understand, visualize and define the steps towards your goal. More often than not, we set high aims in our life which is a great thing, and then get excited by that dream, but the actual process of working seriously and consistently towards that dream is not always necessarily glamorous and as a result we lose motivation too quickly and become disappointed. The important thing is to understand that if you want to achieve that dream you have, you have to struggle for a period of time doing things that you might not be necessarily happy with at the moment but still contributes to your dream. When you modify your thought process like this, you will start to see almost everything in life as either a healthy contribution to your dreams or as something that takes you a step away from your dream, thereby, keeping you on track by the virtue of your thought process.

Another helpful habit that you can adopt is to attain clarity on what kind of goals you are setting, whether it is short term or long term, and to asses your own strengths and weakness. This kind of clarity combined with an optimistic viewpoint will allow you to harness your strengths when needed and to work on your weakness. For example, if you are looking for a job in a country that you have been dreaming about, but you don’t have the language skills required to stay in that country, then identifying this can give you an opportunity and time to develop the language skills to work in your dream country.

Lastly, it comes down to your actions every day. Incorporate the activities and work that you need to do to achieve your desired goals in your daily life without letting it overwhelm you. The activities can also be an indirect contribution to your dreams which you can do even when you are relaxing in the day. For example, if you want to use social media, you can look up relevant articles or Quora threads that are related to your field just to read every night. Alternatively, you can watch Youtube videos or pick up a new skill that might not be directly related to your field but can contribute to your goals one day.

Thus, when you start looking at multiple goals, prioritize them and break them down into long and short term goals, then almost all the activities and habits that you take up in your life will either be directly or indirectly geared towards them, thus allowing you to move forward in achieving your goals. This is not a one time effort, its a continuous journey that you are embarking upon, hence it will take time, patience and lots of self-motivation, but soon it will begin to change how you look at life and hence make the journey of achieving your goals enjoyable and an enriching learning experience.

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