LaDarian Fields the celebrity designer

LaDarian Fields is a celebrity designer and one of the leading fashion experts in contemporary times.

Using both well-known clothing brands as well as infamous collections, he has the unique ability to bring runway-ready styles to connect with the celebrity’s personal style. Thus, creating beautiful designs by being attuned to everyone’s needs.

Working with A-list celebrities, we can take a look at his series of work and perhaps be inspired ourselves to be creative with our styling choices!

Celebrity: Lil Gotit

Collection: No Dead Moves

LaDarian Fields worked with the rapper Lil Gotit in the famous ‘bricks in the attic’ music video. The incredible outfits were chosen from the ‘No dead moves’ zombie collection. The outfit merged simplicity with a bit of eccentric styling as per the tone of the setting.

You can see the wonderful pieces yourself in the snapshots posted below. Additionally, you can also check out his music video on YouTube to see this outfit design in action!

If you loved this particular designing of Lil Gotit by LaDarian Fields then stay tuned for more such inspired fashion pieces! Meanwhile, you can guess who our next celebrity is!

You can now purchase his amazing designs from the website

You can follow LaDarian Fields on Instagram: @therealfieldz

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