Buying a house- just a false sense of having control?

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Hello dear readers, I hope you are doing well. It has been a tough year but we are slowly springing back to normalcy or at least a new definition of normalcy. With these changes, we saw a massive toll on the economy of the world and it got me thinking. No matter what happens, or what your profession or age is; people love the idea of buying and owning their own house. Once you start to notice it, you will see it virtually everywhere around you. Whether a young student or a near-retirement professional, the desire to own, decorate, and take care of one’s own home is a common theme across the board.

I do not know if this is the same in other nations, but as for India; I can definitely say this is the case. It made me wonder why a house? Why not something else like a jet or a college? Why is there a universal need to be a part of this process?

I think the best answer I found to this was the degree of control you can have. As humans, we simply cannot resist having control. However, in the real world, it is not that simple and most of us are not the bosses or authorities in our daily life. Hence, how do you feel powerful? Simple, you create your own little world! You begin that by saving up money aka fueling your passion by setting a goal, then you spend it on creating your own perfect version of your world, and then you spend years trying to maintain and perfect it. Soon, this house and the neighborhood is not a product of bricks and cement, rather a product of your blood and tears. The emotional significance it carries for you becomes unmatched for and you no longer may be able to see the rationality.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this; sometimes I believe people do pay too high of a price for this. For example, young professionals at the age of 25 trade away their optimism and creativity for a house, and a burden of loans or families create an atmosphere of underlying competition in the name of their property. Is it really worth it? Maybe, when you are older and have traveled the world and would like some stability then yes. But, trading away your freedom only to be chained to the very house that you are building? I think that is ironic. Because you may believe with your whole heart that now you are finally independent and the master of your life, but it is not the case is it? Because now you have another thing to take care of and protect, finances to take care of, and not to mention the emotional attachment. It is natural to become possessive and protective about your house over the years, you may not even notice it but it does happen even to the best of us.

A simple case in point, look at the number of property disputes happening in India. Perhaps it explains why so many families fight over properties? or why so many young adults are willing to toil away by taking a loan to buy a house that they are obviously too young for?

My take on this is that, I think we need to inculcate a little bit of patience when it comes to accumulating static properties. Instead of being tied down at a young age, you need to invest in things that expand your horizon. Invest in a degree, trips, and so on. The world is your new home! Do not be afraid to make it your own!

Where do you stand? Do you have the courage to make this world your own? or do you want to settle in just a minuscule part of this?

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  1. Wow! This article is spot on. It’s so true that people in our country only focus on accumulating more property and they lose their loved ones in this chase. We must all focus on building relationships and enjoying our freedom. Thank you for this beautifully written piece of art.

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